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Thanks to innovative technology, users can try out different looks for home improvement items — flooring, cabinets, appliances, and more — in House Tipster’s Virtual Rooms. Mix and match materials, textures, finishes, appliances, and accessories. Change them instantly and experiment with different designs until you find the look you like best.

  • Design your room

    Simply select a component from the material menu and choose from several different finishes for it! If you see anything you like, click "Go to Shop".

  • Components

    Change the finishes & textures of any element in your virtual room.

  • Groups

    See which materials are available to you in different room settings and try them out in our virtual rooms to make the right choice in reality.

  • Embed

    Click "Embed" to display this virtual room on your own website or blog.

  • Materials

    From ash to willow to concrete to quartz, we have several different materials to choose from to create the ideal room for you.

  • Material Description

    Learn more about the different material options to make the ideal selections for your personal setting.

  • Favorites

    Once you create the room you like add it to your favorites so you can go back to it later for quick comparisons and easy shopping.

  • Selected components

    After you choose the components you want for your virtual room, click or tap here to get all the information on the products, and how to buy them.

  • Search

    To skip the menu and go straight to what you’re looking for, do a direct search via color, appliance, or accessory to find exactly what you want.

  • About tab

    Here you’ll find everything you need to know about the room you’re looking at, or any products or accessories that you see there.

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